Sage MacGowan
Sage MacGowan


I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my daughter, a dog, a cat, and a bearded dragon. Although a lifetime reader, I didn't get into romance novels until my 30's. A good friend gave me a couple and I stashed them in my car as "emergency books." A year later I got around to reading them and was hooked.

I also wasn't much of a writer until fairly recently. I've spun scenarios through my head since I was little, but rarely wrote them down. It happened one night. I was just laying there listening to music when I was overcome with the need to put a scene down on paper, or into the computer, as it were. More and more ideas came, and this year I finally finished one.
I enjoy camping and hiking tremendously. I also follow creative pursuits in addition to writing, such as sewing, as well as dabbling in a wide variety of crafts. Attending Renaissance fairs was a passion before I moved to a more rural area.
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