ShaeLee Tanner
ShaeLee Tanner

ShaeLee Tanner is an erotic author who writes from the heart and blends her belief of respect, trust, and love into every fantasy and story. She enjoys sharing her innermost thoughts, no matter how kinky or left of right they may seem. Pushing boundaries and breaking barriers is a goal she strives for in everything she writes…and in life.

She is a strong-willed mother of three, one of which left at an early age and became an angel watching over them. Despite what fate has thrown at her, she has remained positive while working to provide for her family and secure a promising future. She is a very independent woman that succeeds professionally in her male dominated field.

She enjoys romance and intimacy and is always nourishing her sensual side, allowing it to strive and grow through her fantasies. Her stories are bold representations of those fantasies and are brought to life with the depth of emotional attachment she feels in each one.

ShaeLee presents intimate looks at fantasies so many women have and some that many haven't dared to fantasize about yet. Each story provides a look into her mind and heart and allows the reader to know more about who she is. Come learn who ShaeLee Tanner is and enjoy the mind of a sexually free woman who explores all the pleasures of life without boundaries or judgment.


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