Shannon MacLeod

 deep in the mists
Shannon MacLeod


In between writing and daydreaming about sexy Celts, Shannon MacLeod lives a life of servitude to two spoiled cats. She enjoys pondering the mysteries of Tarot, rainy days, good music, lively craic and spending long hours staring at her beloved ocean. An avid wearer of dangerously high heels, she watches Lord of the Rings more than any sane person should and can, in fact, reenact entire battle scenes using interpretive dance.

Shannon is the author of these paranormal romances from Lyrical Press:
The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups (Arcana Love Volume 1 available 1/7/13)
The Gypsy Ribbon: Suit of Wands (Arcana Love Volume 2 coming 2014)
Rogue on the Rollaway (coming 10/01/13)

And from Schiffer Books:
The ShadowFox Tarot (written under the pen name Jennifer ShadowFox - available now)


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