Sidney Stark

Sidney Stark


A San Diego native, Sidney Stark has spent the last two years traveling the country with her husband, two children, and their cat. An avant-garde author gaining unique experiences through an RV life on the road, Sidney breaks the mold for the "American Dream" by seeking her own alternative "Family Dream". Inspired to share her own passion and vision for Contemporary Romance, Sidney embarks on a journey of self expression that truly captures the hearts and emotions of her readers while bearing her own inner angst as a woman whose ideals clash with those put forth by conventional society. Never far from her headphones, Sidney draws inspiration, motivation and keen clarity from the melodic lyrics of the Dirty Heads. Pouring into her ears, filtering through her heart and flowing out her hands, she taps away at the keyboard. With a proclivity for lusty encounters with sexy men, fueled by passion, desire and the unbridled chase, unexpected emotions from both author and characters flow to readers without restraint. Sidney's Debut publication, The List, is a compilation of nine Contemporary Romance novellas that delve deep into the psyche of a young woman challenging the sexual boundaries set forth by society. Follow Sidney as her professional career blossoms. Never short on ideas or inspiration, a plethora of sizzling stories await. An unconventional blithe and quirky style, comparable to no other, Sidney finds herself falling down the literary rabbit hole more often than Alice on ecstasy, always climbing back to reality with a tantalizing tale one tryst at a time.


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