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Ju Ephraime


I am an eternal optimist and an insatiable reader/writer, especially of high heat romance. I love a good, exciting story.

I write in several genres; however, my favorite is contemporary romance. I love reading historical romances, but I do not know if I would be able to write one. Also, I have read so many, they are beginning to blur together; what's left to write about…but then again, one must never say never. I do love writing children's books, and this I do for relaxation. I find it easy to slip back into my childhood, where I take the time to play.

My second novel in the LaCasse's series, Loving Therese, is out now. For all my readers who have been patiently waiting to read about Foxx, Wolfe's twin brother, it's finally here! I hope you'll get as much enjoyment in Foxx as I did in writing him. He's fun, a first class soccer player, an insatiable lover, and his French is impeccable :).
I'm a voracious reader, a food lover and a half-way decent cook. I love traveling, especially to Europe and the Caribbean.


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