Valencia, California


Hi, my name is Bob and I'm not really a doctor. I just play one at Starbucks. Mine is a typical writer's story: when I was in 4th grade, my parents moved from MN to California. My first day at my new school, I got into a fight and beat up the school bully. (I have an older brother who taught me a thing or two.) I was hailed a hero by students but was sent to the principal's office. My mom was not happy that I got sent home. About a week later, I got into trouble again and had to meet with the principal. Why? My teacher said I had written a story that "no 4th grade student could EVER have written." I was supposed to plead guilty to copying the story, but I refused. So I had to write another story while the 6th grade teacher watched - then I got sent to the principal's office. This time was different. The principal told me I wasn't in trouble. She wanted me to know that she thought I was a great writer and one day, if I worked hard, I would write a book. True story
Going for walks.
Giving fake names at Starbucks.
Petting my dogs.


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