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Hi and thanks for taking the time to read About Me.

Lets see what I can tell you, I live in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. Moving here 4 years ago, I was shocked to find out we had no bookstores. So in my searching I discovered ebooks I was in my glory, next thing you know I needed an ebook reader. I am now a proud owner of a kindle. I take care of her, she wears a pink cover and we travel everywhere together. LOL

I am an avid reader, I found goodreads.com and that lead me many new things. Groups, blogs, many new books. And the newest site I have came across is theromancereviews site. So to say I am very happy to of found a place where I can look up more books and see the reviews is quite exciting to me.

I have started a blog to post reviews and it is going well. (sort of)

I love to read many different types of genre's. I read murder, mysterys, romance, paranormal, true stories, Y/A and one of my favorite is the m/m genre.

When I am not sleeping I am reading or working, sometimes I can be found on my blog trying to figure out how to post things on different pages and cursing as I still can't make it work, but mainly I read and drink coffee.

Reading, taking pictures, blogging or reading other blogs. Shopping for new books.

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