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When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

"Historical romance at its most entertaining"

Danger. It's all I've ever known. All I've ever wanted.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

A tale of redemption, reputation, passion and love - Not to be missed!

Can love survive the bright lights of fame?

He's loved her forever, but the tragedy that binds them together keeps them apart.

Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

This book has romance, comedy, sex and fun.

One boy. One girl. One wager and one sprig of mistletoe.

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal...

Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

No lawyer should ever get this close to her opposing client. But her brain... his body...

Kilty Secrets abound in this romantic comedy

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

Never A Sinner by Lynn Shurr (Romance - Top Pick)

Theirs to Take by Laura Kaye (Romance - Top Pick)

Field-Tripped by Nicole Archer (Erotic - Top Pick)

Breaching the Contract by Chantal Fernando (Romance - Top Pick)

The Lost Letter: A Victorian Romance by Mimi Matthews (Romance - Top Pick)

The Botanist by Dahlia Donovan (GLBT - Top Pick)

Second Heart by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

A Rake's Guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden (Romance - Top Pick)

Bedroom Hymns by Morgan Reeves (Erotic - Top Pick)

Alpha's Prize by Renee Rose and Lee Savino (Erotic - Top Pick)

Taming Nora by Scarlett Sanderson (Erotic - Top Pick)

TeresaThomasBohannon (author)
Tennessee, USA
Gender: Female


About Me

I've been writing personally, semi-professionally and professionally for over 35 years...and although I have published a few short stories for professional storytellers, and some other non-fiction items--in late 2010, I published my first novel, Regency romance entitled, A Very Merry Chase.

Why did it take me thirty five years to publish my first full length novel? That my friends is a story in and of itself; but basically it sums up as...I wasted a lot of years allowing life's realities to get in the way of making dreams come true.

By day, I work full time as the HR Director for a large non-profit, so my writing is limited to evenings and weekends. Fortunately, the kids are grown now, so I can pretty much call my nights and weekends my own.


Reading almost anything you put in front of me, writing fantasy and semi-historically based novels and short stories, women's history, historical research, historic architecture, archaeology, anthropology, cultural philosophy, myth and folklore, and just learning new things in general.

Authored Books

A Very Merry Chase
by Teresa Thomas Bohannon

Set in early 19th century Regency England, and harking back in style to the heyday of Georgette Heyer, A Very Merry Chase is a comedy of manners and errors that boasts empire fashions, dashing characters, verbal sparring matches and witty repartee mingled with just a hint...

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Shadows In A Timeless Myth
by Teresa Thomas Bohannon

The Lindsey Mountain Massacre was the stuff of legend-the spine chilling, wicked-cruel kind of story that evil-humored folk like to share on a dark and moonless night. It held all the makings of a fine and frightful tale, a blustering blizzard of a winter storm, a candlelit,...

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The Widow's Tale
by Jane Austen; Teresa Thomas Bohannon

The Widow's Tale is one of the first stories written by Jane Austen, and first appeared more than 100 years later as Love and Freindship(sic). Generally considered a juvenile story it was actually written by Jane Austen during her teenage years and is dated as being completed...

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Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat! ** FREE READ **

He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...

Vince is a shifter who can't shift. How can he ever be what sassy werecoyote Penny needs?

Forged Alliances by Katherine McIntyre (Erotic - Top Pick)

Mastema's Obsession by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Mend Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez (Romance - Top Pick)

Never A Sinner by Lynn Shurr (Romance - Top Pick)

Cuffed by K Bromberg (Romance - Top Pick)

Bound and Saved by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)