Adin Dalton

 New York, NY USA
Adin Dalton


The nineteenth-century composer, P I Tchaikovsky did not die of cholera as the scholars insist. His death bed, as well as his remains, were not administered in compliance with victims of cholera at the time. Furthermore, there was talk of poison among those close to him before any word of cholera was disclosed. Of course, I do not believe he would have committed suicide either. Perhaps the truth of his mysterious death lies elsewhere... Quite a difficult spot to be in as Tchaikovsky's first novelist!

Adin is a ballet Historian and had the great fortune to be tutored by renowned choreographer Antony Tudor and historian Olga Maynard. Adin now resides in New York City.
The joys of my life can be summed up in two ways: Visits to Venice, Italy -the most magical place on earth, and my three precocious mini Dachshunds, Wolfgang, Sophia, and Emma. My love for ballet in unending, and then there's Tchaikovsky's music... divine.


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