P. Kirby

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P. Kirby


P. Kirby is the author of the urban fantasy, The Music of Chaos (Decadent/2011), and the paranormal romance, The Canvas Thief(Carina/2012).

A lifelong resident of the desert southwest, P. Kirby grew up in El Paso, Texas and is a graduate of New Mexico State University. Though an avid reader, she only started writing fiction in 2003. She prefers to recast familiar, villainous archetypes – dark elves, vampires – in a more heroic light and avoids traditional "big-bad out to destroy the world" storylines. Home is a tiny house in the desert, shared with her long-suffering husband. She is co-owned by an Arabian horse and a neurotic greyhound. She has never owned, or been owned, by a cat.

Slaying sacred cows and running with scissors. Also, horse riding, gardening and metal art.


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