A Kelly

A Kelly


A Kelly is a fearless erotica author. Her stories will make you rethink love, taboos, and the ugly and the beauty of human relationships.

She has travelled the seven continents and met people from different walks of life where she draws inspirations from.

Kelly's first novel On the Canvas of My Soul started as a personal project in 1997. It was originally written under the title Human Nature. It is a story about a woman who falls for a married gay man. The setting and characters have changed (gay marriage didn't exist back then) but the main premise remains the same.

Kelly's upcoming work, When I'm in Your Arms, will be out in September. It will beg you to keep an open mind: a woman pays for sex with her husband's blessing; when the exchange goes beyond transactional, can you really call it love?

A Kelly is a passionate wildlife photographer. She supports WWF's work to preserve koala's habitats across Australia. She's been as south as Antarctica and up north to the Arctic. She loves tea and when needing something strong she turns to Aperol spritz.


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