Alex Strong

 Seattle, WA
Alex Strong


I live in the Pacific Northwest and absolutely love this area! So much so that it is featured in pretty much everything I write. But I've also had the opportunity to travel and draw from practically every little experience for drawing inspiration. Even if my characters aren't based on someone specific, some of their quirks just might be!
I lived in the Philippines for a couple years as a former Navy Brat, then spent several years growing up in rural Wisconsin in a tiny little town that didn't have a single stop light. But we didn't have to lock our doors either.
I married my older brother's best friend and sometimes I reminisce about the days when we snuck around because we didn't want anyone to know since it was just a fling. That was more than sixteen years ago.
Reading (shocker, I know!)
Watching action movies with hot men in them
Doctor Who
Tom Hardy

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