Ann Bridges

 Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Ann Bridges


As a long-time resident of Northern California's famed Silicon Valley, I'm enthralled by its colorful past, energetic present and promising future. After graduating from Stanford University, I spent most of my career as the only business woman in a roomful of men, gaining their trust and eventually insight into secret corporate affairs abounding as technology boomed all around me. Business plans and politics, gadgets and media, clandestine deals and overt power grabs--I've seen it all.

Poking around local ruins and tiny museums, she uncovered unique stories of its diverse residents overlooked in the current-day hype of new technology releases. So she gave up her career and sat down to write about her little corner of the world in all its flavors and quirks with stories that matter now. Marrying personal experience, a love of history, and her assessment of its potential, she shares slices of the real Silicon Valley with her readers--warts, strengths, complexities and its unshakable allure.

When I'm not hitting the keyboard I enjoy hiking the nearby hills, herb and vegetable gardening, and hashing out the philosophies of life and relationships with my closest friends.


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