Elizabeth Parmer Caren Penland

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Elizabeth Parmer Caren Penland


Caren Penland is a former journalist who fell in love with the coffee shop scene and runs a busy store in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Her best story ideas are spawned while running along the Trinity River trail or over a glass of red wine with her writing partner, Betsy.
Caren lives with her wife, Sarah, and pit bull, Zak, in a quiet neighborhood in the cultural district. She has previously published three novels under the pen name Kimberly LaFontaine.

Elizabeth Parmer is a practicing litigation attorney who escapes the monotony of the courtroom by writing erotic fiction with her coauthor, Caren. When she is not berating opposing counsel with stiff and organized constitutional arguments, she is drunkenly insisting that Caren add more moisture and folds to the most recent sex scene.
She lives with her husband, artist James, and daughter, singer Claire. She is the least talented of the family. She went to Yale, it was boring.
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