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Kilty Secrets abound in this romantic comedy

He's loved her forever, but the tragedy that binds them together keeps them apart.

"Historical romance at its most entertaining"

Can love survive the bright lights of fame?

Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

No lawyer should ever get this close to her opposing client. But her brain... his body...

This book has romance, comedy, sex and fun.

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

One boy. One girl. One wager and one sprig of mistletoe.

Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

A tale of redemption, reputation, passion and love - Not to be missed!

Danger. It's all I've ever known. All I've ever wanted.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal...

Guardian Unraveled by Georgia Lyn Hunter (Romance - Top Pick)

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)

Mend Your Heart by Tracey Alvarez (Romance - Top Pick)

A Rake's Guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden (Romance - Top Pick)

Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder (Romance - Top Pick)

Taming Nora by Scarlett Sanderson (Erotic - Top Pick)

Tripped Out: A Blacktop Cowboy Novella by Lorelei James (Romance - Top Pick)

Second Heart by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

Her Mate and Master by Renee Rose (Erotic - Top Pick)

Field-Tripped by Nicole Archer (Erotic - Top Pick)

Hold 'Em by Jacquie Biggar (Romance - Top Pick)

The Royal Marine by Dahlia Donovan (GLBT - Top Pick)

Danielle G. (reviewer)


Latest Books Reviewed

166 people found the following review helpful

Cranberry Blood
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

CRANBERRY BLOOD takes a few chapters to capture its readers' interest before rapidly progressing into an excellent read. It has an interesting and very well developed storyline that contains many unexpected twists in the plot. The...

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79 people found the following review helpful

An A to Z of Love
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

AN A TO Z OF LOVE is a light contemporary romance that never truly hooks the reader in.

Aside from the mess her father has made of their family's reputation by stealing from the local museum and running away, Mia loves...

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142 people found the following review helpful

Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

BLOODLINES is Urban Fantasy at its best with characters and a plot that makes it stand out from the rest of its genre. BLOODLINES follows Zara, a tough and sassy vampire assassin, whose world abruptly changes when she is hired to kill...

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133 people found the following review helpful

Confessions of a Call Center Gal: a novel
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

CONFESSIONS OF A CALL CENTER GIRL is a contemporary novel that, due to numerous flaws, is only an alright read. It follows Maddy, who is forced to take a job as a Call Center girl when she is unable to find any other work.
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98 people found the following review helpful

Every Girl Does It
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

EVERY GIRL DOES IT is a contemporary romance that didn't live up to its potential; this may have been because of the way almost every scene was extremely over the top, leaving the entire novel seeming rather cringe worthy.
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143 people found the following review helpful

Devil in a Red Kilt
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

DEVIL IN A RED KILT is a fantastic historical romance that manages to make a concept that has being the subject of many novels seem extremely original.

The plot of this novel is interesting and not without some twists...

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148 people found the following review helpful

First And Last
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

FIRST AND LAST is an enchanting novel that took place in a world alive with magic. The heroine, Nexi Jones, is a strong and confident character, one who leads the reader into a complex story of good and evil, where boundaries are crossed...

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114 people found the following review helpful

Catch Me a Catch
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

CATCH ME A CATCH is an excellent contemporary romance that follows Annie, who by tradition has to be a matchmaker for the annual Durna matchmaking festival and Jack who is forced to stop in Durna when his boat is struck by lightening....

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110 people found the following review helpful

My Perfect Wedding
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

MY PERFECT WEDDING is the sequel to Fourteen Days Later, and it follows Helen Grey as she prepares for her wedding to Kalem and is set in North Cyprus. As per usual for Helen, she manages to land herself in more than one crazy situation....

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110 people found the following review helpful

Fourteen Days Later
Book Reviewed by Danielle G.

FOURTEEN DAYS LATER is an amusing novel that follows the accident prone Helen Grey, who is convinced by a friend to complete a fourteen-day 'change your life' challenge.

A light and enjoyable read, FOURTEEN DAYS LATER...

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He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat! ** FREE READ **

Vince is a shifter who can't shift. How can he ever be what sassy werecoyote Penny needs?

Mastema's Obsession by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours by Sara Ney (Erotic - Top Pick)

A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

The Perfect Gentleman by Delaney Foster (Romance - Top Pick)

Standing at the River's Edge by Piper Stone (Erotic - Top Pick)

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)