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J B Miller


Originally from NC, but moved to the wilds of Scotland in 1999 to marry my haggis hunting Scotsman.
we lived in the far north town of wick until moving to Cheshire in England in 2012.
It was here in England that i finally gave into the driving need to write.
I have always been a voracious reader and writer.
I created stories as far back as i can remember.
(most of them were made up to get out of trouble)
I've always believed in fairies, and yes there are ghosts and things that go bump in the night. I use to dream that my personal Arch angel was going to swoop down and take me off to a land of adventure.
I may have gave up looking out my bedroom window for wings in the night.. " of course i have I'm a grown woman" ;)
but i can keep the dream alive by writing about them.
I have three kids a dog, cat, hamster and fish... who has time for hobbies? however, if i did.... My first love is reading... it was my love of reading that started me writing.
Other than that I enjoy gardening, nature walks, and going to the movies.


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