J Lee Roberts

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J Lee Roberts


I am new to writing, but I have been having a great time doing it. I never knew how many stories I had buzzing around my head, until I finally sat down and started writing them. I have never been able to settle in one spot, and I am fortunate to have a partner with the same itch. We spit our time between Hawaii and California. Even so, we are always on the hunt for a new spot to call home. Entering into the erotic genera, has brought so much passion into my relationship. I can only hope reading my stories, will bring passion into yours.
I love dancing and listening to live music. As a water sign, I can't get enough of the ocean, lakes and rivers. I try to stay away from the cold, but the mountain snow calls to me every year and I find my self strapping into my snowboard, or cross country skis never the less.


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