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Cate Parke


I am a writer of historical romances. As a member of Romancing the Eras Authors, Celtic Writers Circle and Celtic Rose Writers, I write historical romance. I've been an avid reader all my life and began writing seriously over nine years ago. In my day job, I'm a registered nurse and practiced pediatric nursing during my entire career. I'm also the wife of a retired U.S. Navy Officer. We've lived and travelled together for the twenty-six years of his long career. With him I've visited England, Canada, Mexico and all but four of the United States, and dipped my toes in every body of water that washes America's shores, including the Gulfs of Mexico and California and even the Arctic Ocean (br-r)! I've travelled over, under and on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. True story.

My blog is called Tuesday's Child. As it happens, I was born on a Tuesday. I'm convinced my mother made a big mistake, though. I believe she meant to give birth to me on the previous Thursday. According to the old Mother Goose tale, which says Thursday's Child has far to go, my life would have been far better defined. I would also have been born under the sign of the lion, which would have reflected my redheaded temperament much, much better. It's true. What could my mother have been thinking??? (I really had red hair once upon a time. I was born with it and had it all my life--until not long ago...but that's another story, and it's true, too.)

According to that dear old Mother Goose tale, I should have been born full of grace. So sad, but nobody ever attributed that virtue to me. After one college class in dance, the unfortunate truth was clear. I can't sing, either. Nor can I paint, or even draw decent stick figures. So what does a girl do whose soul demands expression? She becomes a writer! (That's also a true story.)


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