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When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

He's loved her forever, but the tragedy that binds them together keeps them apart.

A tale of redemption, reputation, passion and love - Not to be missed!

Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

"Historical romance at its most entertaining"

This book has romance, comedy, sex and fun.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

Kilty Secrets abound in this romantic comedy

No lawyer should ever get this close to her opposing client. But her brain... his body...

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal...

Can love survive the bright lights of fame?

One boy. One girl. One wager and one sprig of mistletoe.

Danger. It's all I've ever known. All I've ever wanted.

Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

Never A Sinner by Lynn Shurr (Romance - Top Pick)

First Fall by Zaide Bishop (Erotic - Top Pick)

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)

Master Me, Please by BJ Wane (Erotic - Top Pick)

Tripped Out: A Blacktop Cowboy Novella by Lorelei James (Romance - Top Pick)

His Judgment by Piper Stone (Erotic - Top Pick)

Once Upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt (Romance - Top Pick)

Chosen by the High Judge by Jaye Peaches (Erotic - Top Pick)

Mad for the Marquess by Jess Russell (Romance - Top Pick)

The Botanist by Dahlia Donovan (GLBT - Top Pick)

A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas (Romance - Top Pick)

Forged Alliances by Katherine McIntyre (Erotic - Top Pick)

Charlotte Symonds
Charlotte Symonds (author)
About Me

A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN and so did I. Proudly, I admit from the Park Slope area. It is there where my roots began and where my personality and values developed. It's there where I learned the true meaning of friendship and of love. It is also where I learned the importance of laughter and where I formulated my sense of humor. I was fortunate to have been raised by parents so deeply in love that I became a hopeful romantic.
Brooklyn is a cauldron of diversity, but when introduced to the Italian culture at a young age by my friend Marie, I was fascinated with it. I was drawn into it with its deep family loyalties, the tightness of the extended family ties, the acceptance of true friends as family, and of course the food. In my twenties was the first time I had met anyone who was Deaf. We became friends and she introduced me to the culture of the Deaf world. Intriguingly, it is with this culture where I have focused most of my career. I have worked with the Deaf community in a variety of capacities, two of my favorites being, the teaching of American Sign Language and Interpreting.
I currently live in New York. My true passion is writing. I've seen bumper stickers that say "I'd rather be sailing, fishing, skiing" or some other activity. If I could find one, I'd put on my bumper, "I'd rather be writing".


An interest of mine is learning new information about the universe, through magazines, books and documentaries. I also enjoy shooting photography.

Authored Books

Exception to the Rule (1 review)
by Charlotte Symonds

Delilah Bennet had never fallen in love. As a writer, she had written thousands of scenes depicting it, but love was something that always eluded her. Secure with anonymity behind her laptop as a ghost-writer, Delilah was in total control to freely manipulate the male characters...

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SEX for FUN (1 review, 4 comment)
by Charlotte Symonds

Sex with a stranger? Might just be what Olivia needs. But, can Olivia pull off a one-night stand? She had it all...brains, beauty, a rewarding nursing career, a fiancé and devoted friends. Then life happened. With her broken engagement and Olivia nearing the Big Three-O,...

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Some Other Time (1 review)
by Charlotte Symonds

Some Other Time is an emotionally charged novel that delves into the lives of three individuals whose stories are interwoven, after each goes through a life altering experience. Madison, a single mom,...

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Until One Day (1 review)
by Charlotte Symonds

Until One Day by Charlotte Symonds is a poignant, affectionate account of one day in the lives of four strangers. Each lives in Manhattan and hides their despondent lives behind masquerades. Follow each through a day in their lives where choices are presented and upon which...

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What The Heart Can Hold (1 review)
by Charlotte Symonds

What The Heart Can Hold has it all. It incorporates romance, passion, sex and drama with sprinkles of humor. Follow Marissa Molinari, a gregarious, hopeless romantic, 26 year old native New Yorker from a middle-class Catholic background through twenty two days of her life...

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He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...

Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat! ** FREE READ **

Vince is a shifter who can't shift. How can he ever be what sassy werecoyote Penny needs?

An Earl in Wolf's Clothing by Emily Windsor (Romance - Top Pick)

Out of Time by Melissa Klein (Romance - Top Pick)

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)

Reunited With the P.I. by Anna J Stewart (Romance - Top Pick)

Mad for the Marquess by Jess Russell (Romance - Top Pick)

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan (Romance - Top Pick)