Cynthia Tennent

Cynthia Tennent


Years ago, juggling housework, three daughters, a part-time job, and volunteer work proved too much for me. I tossed everything (except the daughters and volunteering) out and started writing, something I dreamed about doing my whole life. The great American novel turned into a Rom-Com. I never regretted a word.

I love writing books about strong women and the men who love them. To keep my characters from taking themselves too seriously, I add humor and quirky characters to my stories. Just like my heroes and heroines, we all need a good friend, a dog to save, a cantankerous neighbor who waters our flowers, and a gigantic problem to overcome. And love. We always need love!

I live in Michigan with my husband, three daughters, and my collie dog, Jack.
I attempt to grow flowers and vegetables, but the rabbits thwart me every summer.

I try my hand at gourmet cooking, but I have trouble following directions.

I work out at a great gym, and have recently taken up road biking. Wish me luck.


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