Dana V. Moison was born in 1989, to an Israeli mother and an American father. While most of her family resides in the U.S., she was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Nevertheless, her frequent visits to her family in New York City have allowed her to experience the city as a local. New York had been the source of inspiration for her first novel, Dark Illusion, which takes place in Manhattan. In fact, quite a few chapters were handwritten at her favorite Starbucks, located in the basement floor of the Empire State Building. Soon enough she traded her ballpoint pen with a laptop and they haven't been separated ever since.

Dana started working towards a degree in psychology during high school. She received her Bachelor's degree from the Open University after completing her military service as a psycho-technical diagnostician. In 2012 she headed for the French Alps to work, where she was able to polish her French and, against all odds, some pretty decent skiing skills. When she returned to Israel, she enrolled in the gender studies program at Tel Aviv University. Today she is in the final stages of her Master's degree, while pursuing a career in journalism and writing.

Dana worked as a columnist for a top website in Israel before releasing her first novel at the age of 23. Dark Illusion has received many praises for its surprising plot and originality. Her second book, a suspense novel as well, is planned to be released in Israel this year.
Reading, singing in the shower.
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