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This book has romance, comedy, sex and fun.

No lawyer should ever get this close to her opposing client. But her brain... his body...

Kilty Secrets abound in this romantic comedy

One boy. One girl. One wager and one sprig of mistletoe.

A tale of redemption, reputation, passion and love - Not to be missed!

Danger. It's all I've ever known. All I've ever wanted.

Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

"Historical romance at its most entertaining"

Can love survive the bright lights of fame?

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

He's loved her forever, but the tragedy that binds them together keeps them apart.

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal...

Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

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Donna S. Frelick
Donna S. Frelick (author)
Western North Carolina
Gender: Female

Blog: http://www.spacefreighters.blo...

About Me

As a military brat growing up I was a voracious consumer of science fiction in all forms—in books, in movies and on television. As I grew older I began to recognize that my favorite forms of SF included liberal doses of romance—Classic STAR TREK, the writers of the New Age "humanist" revolution (Zenna Henderson, Ursula K. LeGuin, Theodore Sturgeon among others), and later THE X-FILES and AVATAR. So it was no surprise that when I started writing science fiction, my work would feature a heavy romantic arc, too.

Along my way to a contemporary SF romance writing career I've been married to a great guy since just out of college, been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, raised a family, tried organic farming, been a community activist, earned black belts in two different styles of martial arts and written four STAR TREK fanfic novellas (and numerous short stories) for "underground" publication. (Ask me sometime about TREK conventions!)

In 2012, my first two SFR novels finaled in the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® contest for unpublished manuscripts. Shortly thereafter, I found my literary home with the fabulous Michelle Johnson, founder of Inklings Literary Agency and INK'd Press. The publication of the first three books in my INTERSTELLAR RESCUE SFR series from INK'd Press followed in short order: UNCHAINED MEMORY, TROUBLE IN MIND and FOOLS RUSH IN.

You can read the first chapter of TROUBLE IN MIND for free in the popular PORTALS anthology (Volume One). And my IR universe novella "Saturday Night in Devils Holler" appears in the anthology BABY ITS COLD IN SPACE from Bathory Gate Press.

I'm a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA, the Golden Network (of past and current Golden Heart finalists) and the Firebirds (2012 Golden Heart finalists).


Movies, reading, tai chi, walking, Appalachian culture

Authored Books

Fools Rush In, Interstellar Rescue series, Book 3
by Donna S. Frelick

2016 SFR Galaxy Award Winner!

An undercover agent must appeal to a space pirate's better instincts--and his heart--to help her infiltrate a slave labor factory and turn the tide in an alien civil war.

"[C]ombine(s) outer space adventure with...

>> Read More

Trouble in Mind, Interstellar Rescue Series, Book 2
by Donna S. Frelick

An FBI agent and a half-alien tracker race to find a boy who is the key to an intergalactic power play. Only love can ensure these unlikely partners succeed in protecting their vulnerable quarry from deadly off-world hunters.

"A gripping story packed with...

>> Read More

Unchained Memory, Interstellar Rescue Series, Book 1
by Donna S. Frelick

On the run from black ops kidnappers, a survivor of alien abduction and the psychiatrist willing to risk everything to protect her uncover a war against interstellar slavery.

" . . . an exciting read full of unexpected twists and turns . . ."

>> Read More

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Vince is a shifter who can't shift. How can he ever be what sassy werecoyote Penny needs?

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He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...

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