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Eileen Ann Brennan


My husband and daughter insisted on writing this introduction to tell you about myself. When they finally presented their efforts, I must say it was quite a masterpiece! One of the best bio's I've ever read.

Sadly, I have no idea who they are writing about. As far as I know, I'm not the illegitimate daughter of an Irish nobleman and a French courtesan. I don't remember being raised on the Riviera nor do I recall spending the summers of my youth at our castle on the coast of the Irish Sea.

I do seem to remember marching in parades in my Brownie uniform on the Fourth of July, attending Our Lady of Perpetual Dependability High School and getting my first real job at the Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Insurance Company.

Alas, my husband is not a famous computer mogul. At last look, he still can't figure out which XP icon is his. (Honey, it's the one with the little ducky.) I was equally surprised to find that my daughter is the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Perhaps in 40 years - She's only seventeen) and my son is a world renown history professor and lecturer. Evidently, he frequently dines at the White House.

In my other life, I'm a transplanted Floridian, having moved here from New Jersey eons ago. (I had to leave-I was always losing my mittens.)

A few years ago, I 'retired' from the corporate world and planned to take just a year off from my job as a software consultant - living in airports and hotel rooms got old - when the writing bug bit. I now spend most of my days playing with alpha heroes and feisty heroines (and avoiding housework). I love writing just about any genre particularly historical, contemporary and time travel (where I get to use both historical and contemporary in the same story!).

I love doing Sudoku puzzels. I feel inexplicably triumphant when I complete a difficult one. (Yes! I have yet again conquered the numbers 1 through 9!)

My favorite hobby is reading (Who would have thought??) Somehow, my "To Be Read Shelf" morphed into a "To Be Read Room" full of wonderful books! It's obvious I'll never read all of them but it's a lot of fun trying!


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