Jean Smith

 Madison, WI
Jean Smith

An avid reader and wannabe writer of Romance, I seldom venture far from the tree. The romance genre offers so much variety within itself that I have found I rarely stray to fulfill my needs.

Where else can you get historicals (regency, medieval, civil war...,) mystery, suspense, horror, paranormal, time travel, fantasy, contemporaries, anthologies, short quick reads, full length single titles, series or sagas. You name it, it's probably a sub-genre.

After a day full of reading software specifications, design documents, test plans, technical books, school texts and e-mail, I discovered the joy of slipping into something much more comfortable. Escape is the name of the game!

So if you see an endorsement for anything technical and non-escapist believe me it must have been pretty readable for me to have gone to the trouble of reading it during my precious escape time and to have actually liked it. Being a full time employee, full time student and full time parent left me little time for escape.

These days I'm retired so I spend the majority of my free time reading. Escape is still the name of the game. The big difference these days is sometimes I like to escape with the grand kids along for the ride. So when I'm not reading my very adult fairy tales I settle back with the kids hoping to instill the love of reading in them.

Currently I'm in the process of designing and launching my very own review blog so expect a link soon.
Reading, reading and ummm reading. I have a few mobility challenges so reading is my main interest and outlet.
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