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Elle Q. Sabine


Elle is an author of erotic romance, or romance that contains erotic content. The romance – the falling in love – is the beautiful part of the story. The erotic content is the interesting part. In Elle's mind, the best books are erotic and romantic at the same time, and these are the sorts of stories she wants to tell. Elle lives in the great state of California with a devoted Mr. Sabine, a golden-haired pup, and a golden-haired daughter. If she had spare time, she'd like to sleep at night, visit museums, and spend more time with the Pacific Ocean.

Elle can be found here and on Twitter under the username @elleqsabine. You can e-mail her at elleqsabine [at] gmail [dot] com.
Reading and writing paranormal and historical romance, especially when she should be asleep.


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