Jaye Em Edgecliff

 Georgia, USA   www.theromancereviews.com/emmyjaye
Jaye Em Edgecliff


I am an author.

I write teen fiction; primarily romantic teen fiction.

I do not write autobiographies. Also, I really think it odd that people would want to know much about me. Isn't it enough to know that I am the author of [Insert one of my titles here]?

Should it matter if I live in Morocco or Maine? (neither) Do I also speak Swahili? (nope, but it's fun to say, isn't it?) Do I prefer Chocolate or Strawberry? (chocolate chip cookie dough)

No, of course not. You want to know if I wrote [title] or [some other title]. You want to know when the next in the series you're reading will be out. That sort of thing. This is the wrong page for that. Try one of the others.
Hiking, reading, listening to music, playing with my dog, playing with my cats, old video games.


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