Erica Pike

Erica Pike


I haven't been writing since I was in diapers and I haven't been an avid reader since I learned my ABC's. I have, however, always been a daydreamer spinning tales after tales in my head involving me and a tall, dark, and sexy man who doesn't exist in real life. So far I've been a vampire, jungle nymph, time-traveler, ghost, noblewoman, survivor on a deserted island, a witch and so, so much more that it'd take months to count out every occupation and scenario.

I have been writing for several years now and reading became an obsession roughly in my late twenties. Of course I read books before that, but since I'm a university business graduate I really didn't have much time to read in my free time. My free time back then was time to party! I now only read/write gay male erotic romance fiction.

I live in Iceland and I often say that my real name sounds like Klingon to foreigners so I don't even bother revealing it. I took part in a Taekwondo tournament in the USA once and felt so, so sorry for the announcer. I'm a happy single mother of two adorable boys.

Anyway, I'm a friendly, easy-going person, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I have a weird sense of humor - either you get me or you don't. Unfortunately, sometimes my humor gets mistaken for me being insensitive - please forgive that, it's the Icelander in me.
Writing and Reading, of course! I also enjoy travelling, reading before bedtime with my little boys and dancing. I have a hamster called Milla who has that always-oblivious face whenever she looks at me - I swear, she's just trying to look stupid so she can get treats without having to do tricks.


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