Gail Roughton

 Georgia, USA
Gail Roughton


I grew up addicted to books. I read them. All of them. Any I could get my hands on. Now I've expanded. I'm addicted to writing books. I have to laugh when folks ask me what I do for fun when I'm not writing. Because that is what I do for fun. And if I'm not actively tapping away on a computer, I'm writing in my head. Collecting notes of overheard conversations, people I meet, incidents of day-to-day living. For a long time (like twenty years), I threw the books I wrote directly into the closet. And now--they're coming out. I've spent over thirty-five years in a law office as a paralegal/legal secretary while raising a family, and yes, both those life missions show up frequently in my novels. And I'm southern to the core, born and bred on the banks of Stone Creek Swamp in the middle of the State of Georgia and yeah, that shows up big-time in my novels. It's been an amazing year for me and I'm overwhelmed and humbled at the response my books have received and the readers I've garnered. My wish? That my readers enjoy my books half as much as I enjoy writing them.
There's something to do besides write?


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