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Dawn Ireland



"Once Upon a Time" are four of my favorite words. My love of story became a love of romance when I read Georgette Heyer's, Devil's Cub. It inspired me to write stories with strong characters that discover love is never easy, but always worthwhile. I've written several award-winning novels set in Georgian England – an era filled with rules and intrigue. My characters often defy "Society" as they pursue love, run away, pursue, run away – well, you get the idea.

Then again, I might write romance in order to do the research. What other profession encourages you to sit in the audience at Harlequin's Male Model search, and take notes, or just sigh?
There is a strong possibility I have too many interests, but it's not my fault I find the world fascinating. Here are a few hobbies:singing,acting,gardening,traveling,wood carving, old house renovation...just about anything creative. I've even tried china painting and fencing. All these can be wonderful fodder for stories:)


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