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Habu is one of the pen names of a former supersonic spy jet pilot, intelligence agent, male model, movie actor, and diplomat. A wild youth in South East Asia was spent enjoying whatever sexual opportunities came his way, and much of his gay male writing is about recalling incidents from those days and inventing ones he'd perhaps have liked to experience. He now leads a very quiet and ordinary happily married family life.

An American, he is a published mainstream novelist and short story writer under another name and in another dimension of his life, but he has written or cowritten (with Sabb) over 500 published short stories and nearly 50 published erotica e-books, primarily of gay fiction but also memoir, straight fiction and ménage fiction. His hand and creative writing can be seen in stories and books by habu, sr71plt, shabbu, and Stephen Kessel—among unrevealed others that might surprise readers. The fictionalized GM memoir Flying High is loosely based on his life experiences. He can be found at the adults only gay male site www.barbarianspy.com, which he shares with Sabb.
A passionate writer and traveller.


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