Helena Fairfax

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Helena Fairfax


Helena Fairfax was born in Uganda and came to Britain as a child. Nowadays she lives in an old Victorian mill town in the north of England. She has an affectionate and half-crazed, rescue dog, and together they tramp the moors every day-one of them wishing she were Emily Brontë, the other vainly chasing pheasants. When she's not out on the moors you'll find Helena creating romantic heroes and heroines of her own, or else with her nose firmly buried in a book, enjoying someone else's stories. Her patient husband and her brilliant children support her in her daydreams and are the loves of her life.
Apart from reading her favourite romance novels, Helena also loves to walk the moors, watching the wildlife and the changing seasons. In winter, when the snow is too deep to walk in, Helena loves to knit - anything from baby clothes and scarves to sweaters. She once even knitted the Royal Wedding!


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