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JC Wardon


JC Wardon lives her books while she's writing them, in the hopes you also live her stories while reading.

Though fantasy, extensive historical research goes into her character's lineage so she knows just who they are.

You will too…though there are things about them that will never come to light until later… sometimes books later.

Every action, every reaction, is based on who these characters are so you know whether they are good people or not. But be warned…not all of JC's characters are nice. Some, not nice at all.

Mystical, Magical, Humorous, Tragic, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Enticing, Stimulating, Titillating, and sometimes even Horrifying are the building blocks of a JC Wardon book, and the Mystic Waters Books are filled to the brim with all…

…and even a little, or a lot, of Romance thrown in, too!
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