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Katalyn Sage grew up in a small town in Utah, and is the youngest of five children. She married when she was eighteen, after falling madly in love with one of the managers at the fast food joint she worked at. As he had dated one or ten other employees within the chain, his boss had informed him that he couldn't date any of the employees at the branch where Katalyn worked. Since he couldn't date any of the employees, she ensured she was no longer one. They started dating shortly after she quit. She is still married to (and even more in love with) her wonderful husband.

She avoided reading books as much as humanly possible while growing up, even going as far as re-using book reports so she wouldn't have to read another novel. Instead, she preferred playing video games and hanging out with friends. In the years since she married, she tried out a few random books, but was never able to get passed the first chapter or two, never finding a story that appealed to her. It wasn't until about nine years after she graduated that she finally found the book that changed her life. She hasn't been able to put them down since.

Katalyn continued to read, going through entire series at a time before trying out other authors. But even as she read and read, her mind kept wandering, and now she knows that it was her own characters taking root in her mind and forcefully springing to life.

Her first novel, "Dark Seduction," the first in the Immortal Guardians series, was published in March 2012. The second novel in the series, "Passion Ignited," published in May 2012, followed by "Born of Silence," which was released in September 2012. All three novels were published by Evernight Publishing, and are currently available in eBook format. "Dark Seduction" is also available in print.

Katalyn continues to write books within the series, and is also working on other projects. She loves hearing from fans and encourages them to contact her.
Reading, writing, video games, hanging out with family and friends.
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