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Karine Tang-Green lives in Michigan with her family. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Leadership with a minor in Accounting. She has always written, but never sat down to organize it until a series of surgeries sidelined her career in law enforcement. She fought her way back into another 'day job' before an injury took that career away as well. Writing is the only thing that cannot be taken away. She enjoys working at developing story lines, researching story scenes, and engaging with her readers on social media.

She published her first poem back in 1996. A Genie's Point of View; The Apprentice was her first published novel in 2013. The Caine Plantation made it to the quarterfinals in the last year Amazon held it's Amazon Break Through Novel Award in 2014. The Great Losing: The Mad Dragon King is a break from her usual mystery/romance genre into the realm of fantasy adventure.
I love photography. I integrate writing into my photography with a blog that features local city parks.
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