Kitty DuCane

Kitty DuCane


Let's see, I live in NC with my wonderful husband, one yellow lab and a 6 cats. All were strays. I think there's a sign hidden in the front yard that says 'Stray Cats Welcome.' My husband's been looking for that sign for years.

I really don't consider myself a writer. I'm a storyteller. A writer implies that you know your grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. That's not me. There's probably an error in what I'm typing right now! A storyteller, on the other hand, weaves a story and then gets help with the writing stuff. So, can anyone be a writer...probably. Can anyone be a storyteller...absolutely!

I started my first book in 1999, but a wonderful thing happened. Ballgames, scouts, golf, dance, homework (yuck) and a host of other activities took center stage. And it was great!

Now, with two kids in college, I'm empty-nesting. Woo-Hoo! Even though I can't afford to eat (just kidding), I have plenty of time to write. And read. And write some more.

And I love it!


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