Lindsey J Parsons

 Stratford upon Avon
Lindsey J Parsons


Lindsey J Parsons was born in Stratford upon Avon and grew up in nearby Solihull. She now lives in a crumbly old farm house in a small village in Warwickshire with her three children and an assortment of animal friends. She enjoys reading, writing, horseback riding, archery and looking after the numerous animals that live with her.
She says:
"When I'm not writing and looking after my children, then I love to go for a ride on my horse in the woods near my home. I never tire of riding up there, the trees are so beautiful and there's so much wildlife to see. If I'm not riding, then archery's my next big passion, not that I'm any good, but keep practising!"
Lindsey started writing in 2009, on a complete whim and completed ‘Vortex' her first novel and the first book in a trilogy called Return of The Effra, eighteen months later. She is now working on the second book ‘Wicked Game'. She has also completed a handful of short stories which have been included in three anthologies.
Apart from writing, I love reading, horseback riding, archery and swimming.


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