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Sold to the highest bidder on a planet far from home...

Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."

When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?

"Historical romance at its most entertaining"

Kilty Secrets abound in this romantic comedy

One boy. One girl. One wager and one sprig of mistletoe.

She will never submit to the man who killed her best matter what destiny says.

Can love survive the bright lights of fame?

A knight to protect her--this Yuletide.

Love was never supposed to be part of the deal...

He's loved her forever, but the tragedy that binds them together keeps them apart.

Danger. It's all I've ever known. All I've ever wanted.

No lawyer should ever get this close to her opposing client. But her brain... his body...

This book has romance, comedy, sex and fun.

A tale of redemption, reputation, passion and love - Not to be missed!

Fatal Truths by April Zyon (Erotic - Top Pick)

Legacy of Evil by Sharon Buchbinder (Romance - Top Pick)

Vengeance by Belle Ami (Romance - Top Pick)

Field-Tripped by Nicole Archer (Erotic - Top Pick)

Surfacing by Daniel Stephens (GLBT - Top Pick)

Mad for the Marquess by Jess Russell (Romance - Top Pick)

Tannin's Thunderbolt by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)

Gone in the Night by Anna J Stewart (Romance - Top Pick)

Third Wave by Zaide Bishop (GLBT - Top Pick)

Gorgon's Vengeance by Ravenna Tate (Erotic - Top Pick)

Once Upon a Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt (Romance - Top Pick)

Lynette Lee
Lynette Lee (author)
Portland, Oregon
Gender: Female


About Me

I began writing as soon as I could hold a pen. My grandmother was a writer and between her encouragement and my obsession with reading I was destined from birth to be
a writer.

After reading my first romance (Outlander - what a book to start with, right?) I was hooked and I've been scribbling away at love scenes and creating my own HEAs ever since. I write contemporary small-town romance with plenty of sizzle.

I'm also a mom, dog wrangler, one-time chef, and traveler. I have a serious addiction to books, coffee, and red wine.

I currently live in Oregon with my husband, our son, and our two crazy border collies. I would love to connect with you! You can find me on many social media sites and through the links below. Thanks for reading and I wish you love, adventure, and many years of good reading!


Reading! Cooking, gardening, travel

Authored Books

Love by Christmas
by Lynette Lee

Love by Christmas is a small-town friends-to-lovers story set in a snowy ski-lodge with a dash of banter, a sprinkling of Christmas cheer, and a generous helping of steamy kisses.

Julia Preston is done with Christmas. After her marriage went south last Christmas,...

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Love by Design
by Lynette Lee

Noah Caldwell seems to have everything - a very successful architectural firm, more clients than he can handle, a beautiful new home and the cover of one of the top design magazines in the country. But none of it matters because he's missing the one thing he really wants...

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Fun, Flirty & Sweet Romance with a Dash of Heat! ** FREE READ **

Vince is a shifter who can't shift. How can he ever be what sassy werecoyote Penny needs?

He wore the skin of a killer, and bore the heart of a lover...

Taming Nora by Scarlett Sanderson (Erotic - Top Pick)

Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge (GLBT - Top Pick)

Chosen by the High Judge by Jaye Peaches (Erotic - Top Pick)

Tripped Out: A Blacktop Cowboy Novella by Lorelei James (Romance - Top Pick)

Vengeance by Belle Ami (Romance - Top Pick)

Guardian Unraveled by Georgia Lyn Hunter (Romance - Top Pick)