Mandi Benet
Mandi Benet


In one life, I'm an award-winning journalist with work published in a variety of publications from the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle to W magazine and Town & Country magazine. In the other, I'm the author of fun, sexy, contemporary romance like To Rome With Love. I like small town love stories a lot, but I've always loved romance novels the way the movies do them, as a kind of ménage à trois: She. He. A city. The city becomes another character in the book, and in this novel, Rome really does provide a fitting backdrop for the development of Gaby's and Silvio's romance.

I like crafting hot, swoon-worthy, good guy heroes, and strong, intriguing women, and sending them into the fray. I never know exactly what they're going to do, but that's half the fun of it. And there's always, (I know - you're shocked,) a happy ending.

In addition to writing, I'm passionate about dogs. Crazy cuckoo for them. Mine is a yellow lab, nearly twelve years old. Her name is Lalou, but I call her, "Your Majesty," for her propensity to run my house and run my life. I've spoiled her alarmingly but she brings me just as much joy as writing - which is a lot. I love hiking with her in the open space around my house, except when three of the numerous neighborhood coyotes try to take us down before I've had my coffee.

My writing comes with a side of steam and a dollop of smiles, and I'm never happier than when readers tell me they laughed when reading one of my books. I want my novels to be smart and funny yet deliver the wallop of emotion that gets you every time.

To Rome With Love is the first book in my Love in the City series. Stay tuned for the next three coming up.


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