McKenna Jeffries
McKenna Jeffries


McKenna Jeffries has loved the written word from time she picked up her first book. Soon she was creating tales of love and family.

Although McKenna used to make up stories never did she even think to put them on paper until after she realized she had to share her stories. Ever since she had been writing stories ever since. Some new idea or story is floating around her head. With the itch in her fingers until she can get a piece of paper to write down the idea McKenna is always busy. She writes because it's a love affair. McKenna tells anyone who will listen and even some that didn't want to listen about her work.

Her collection of books has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years. Someday her plan when she get her dream home is to have one of those huge libraries put in with the shelves built from floor to ceiling, a fireplace, couches and the works.

Currently writing a contemporary romance and with many other ideas floating around McKenna is hard at work.

Reading, writing and sewing.
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