Pennsylvania, USA

My life can be described best by the phrase, 'putzing around.' I did this, I did that, none to successfully. The urge to write, however, was always bubbling up inside. When I was a kid, I didn't dare put anything on paper because my parents would surely have discovered it. It was just to embarrassing to have the inner workings of my mind on display to them. (They tended to be critical—of my grades, behavior, lack of ambition, and other things. Why give them something else to criticize?). Later, the thought of writing conjured up the prospect of endlessly mailing out packages of manuscripts to numerous non-receptive publishers—something I knew I didn't have the stamina for. With the internet, all that changed and now I have my first book out.
Reading is my favorite hobby. I can get lost in numerous kinds of tales, fiction and reality. One of the best subjects is the Kennedy assassination, since there is constantly new material being released or discovered. I'm an amateur pianist, but started studying too late to think about being pro. Also love chess, poker and hiking.


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