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Judy Nickles


I've been writing forever, first on a big Chief tablet, then on my father's ancient Underwood typewriter. I've been through a portable typewriter, two electrics, a word processor, and several computers. I wrote stories and poems to amuse myself and to express feelings that had no other outlet. Then I came to understand that IF you write, you ARE a writer. Now, I'm actually published, but published or not, I write for the love of writing and that's the most important reason of all.
Growing up at my grandfather's knee, I developed a passionate love of history and an unquenchable curiosity about family history. I've tracked elusive ancestors for the past 35 years. (My children were raised in cemeteries and courthouses!) Many of my story ideas come from information I've ferreted out in the genealogical process. I love to travel, to read (mostly non-fiction), and of course, to write!


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