Sienna Mynx
Sienna Mynx


When did it all begin? I'm not sure. I've been writing, painting, drawing, and doodling since I could I hold a crayon or brush. Not that anyone said I was or wasn't good, thankfully I was given the means and opportunity to discover for myself. If I were to think hard on it I found inspiration in the solitude that was my childhood. Creative expression no matter the medium became the purest and most honest part of me. The oldest daughter of two, a latchkey kid with thick glasses and bony long legs, I wasn't the popular girl, the fearless girl, the bad girl but in my writings I could be all three. Freedom of the pen was the beginning of my liberation, self-appreciation. Thank God for it!

I've always craved stories of women who looked like me but were rarely featured as leading heroines in TV or film. At first my heart wish was for the unlikely ‘shero' to be bold and daring. Perhaps an ebony Charlie's Angel or brown-skinned Bionic Woman who owned her femininity and wielded girl power to the tenth degree. My imagination rejected the token sidekick or shadowy figure that was always regulated to the back of the scene. But with age and my gradual submergence into literary romantic mystery, suspense and horror my perceptions and desires change.


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