Sigrid Katrinsdatter

 New Mexico
Sigrid Katrinsdatter


Sigrid Katrinsdatter is a pseudonym for the author. Happily married for 20 years, with two beautiful daughters, the woman behind "Sigrid" herself possesses an alpha personality, is a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense, and enjoys cats and dogs. She struggles with her attraction to and discomfort with themes of DD in other authors' works, as someone who believes strongly in female equality and full female agency. Readers will note "The Discipline for a Lasting Marriage Series" shows DD appeals to her on the level of a fantasy, when involving a clearly devoted and loving alpha male. Lydia and Charlie feature in a romantic, erotic series of 15 novellas .....
Any folks who've bought Kindle versions of my books, I'm informing you that each one has undergone substantial revisions: correcting grammatical and spelling errors, deleting, adding, and/or substantially revising, paragraphs; as well as making a few plot revisions. Kindle Direct Publishing will NOT inform buyers of the availability of these updated editions out of concern people will lose their bookmarks, etc. Therefore, I am doing so, at the suggestion of an Amazon representative, telling buyers they can use the call or chat feature to have an Amazon representative assist you in being provided the most-recent edition of any Kindle book which you bought from this series.


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