Antoinette Turner

 Brisbane, Australia
Antoinette Turner


There isn't really much to tell about me. I'm your average suburban wife and mother. I was born in Queensland, Australia, the youngest of four girls and I currently reside in Brisbane. I'm very happily married and own two horrible (no, not really), gorgeous, teenage children, two dogs and one cat. I put pen to paper for the first time in 2010 on a whim and quickly figured out I love to write. It was a shock to me and everyone else. I work as an Office Manager at a magazine publishing company by day and write by night. No secret identity - damn!! I hate winter. I tend to hibernate for the three months that Queensland gets cold. And I really do mean hibernate - no herb garden picking (see hobbies) unless there is no husband/child/sister around to fetch for me. The pool does not look healthy in winter. I love chocolate, but I think the thing that really makes me love life is a happy ending. I have my own at home and love nothing more than to read about someone else's. I like to think the whole world is one big happy ending waiting to happen.

My hobbies include writing, gardening and cooking. Acting like an idiot with my kids and husband, or dancing around the house with them to very loud music. Playing the Wii (Wii fit and Wii dance are my favourite). Meeting up with family and friends when possible. Playing Trivial Pursuit - I love it, even if I don't answer one question - sometimes I do!


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