Stephanie Barko is a Literary Publicist who promotes historical fiction with a romantic element. Her award-winning clients include traditional publishers and their authors, small presses, and independently published writers. Her nonfiction clients include the subgenres of how-to, history, career, business, biography, autobiography, self-help, and memoir. Debut authors are especially welcome in her agency.

Ms. Barko was invited into the publishing industry after many years in high tech marketing. In 2013, Stephanie presented at Historical Novel Society North American Conference. She has also presented at Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference, DFW Writers Conference, Writers' League of Texas Conference and Women Writing the West Conference. Her articles and book reviews have been published in Western American Literature, Roundup Magazine, Book Marketing Matters, San Francisco Book Review, and the Texas Book Marketing Directory.

Stephanie was a 2010 Finalist in More Magazine's Reinvention Story Competition, nominated by her peers as 2010 Book Publicist of the Year, and was voted Preditors & Editors Best Book Promotion Service in 2011. Stephanie is a Recommended Associate at Author U, an Industry Expert at Author Learning Center, and an Instructor for the Writers' League of Texas.

Stephanie has degrees in Business & Sociology and is based in Austin. Since 2005, she has moderated a nonfiction book group that has hosted such nationally known authors as Janet Conner (Writing Down Your Soul), genocide survivor Gilbert Tuhabonye (This Voice In My Heart), and Paul Woodruff (Reverence), a TV guest of Bill Moyers.
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