sue lilley

sue lilley


I live in the north east of England, when I'm not escaping somewhere else in my imagination. I love a good story, especially feel-good escapism that I can't put down. The only problem is I'm often late for work because I keep missing my stop.

My practical exterior hides the soul of a daydreamer and compulsive people watcher. I've been writing as a hobby for years, eavesdropping on people's conversations on the Metro for inspiration (another reason I keep missing my stop).

I've been married to Michael, an artist and fellow creative spirit, for more years than we're brave enough to count. We have one grown-up daughter who's far more sensible than either of us.
I have a full time job so any free time I get is mostly taken up with writing, or reading when I should be writing. But I love rock music, particularly eighties hair-rock with bad-boy front men. I find gardening therapeutic and I'm partial to a cocktail at midnight.


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