Sultry Summers

 Blue Ridge - North Carolina
Sultry Summers


My favorite saying is; Escapism is the first stage of Imagination / or is it the other way around? - Either way I invite you all to visit my web site at and Escape Into Romance with me. Dare Your Imagination. I've written as Sultry Summers for about six years now and in that time I've published around ten books. However I've just published my first series - Heir Of The Dragon's Eyes with Melange Books. Book One - Star TyGer and Book Two the sequel - Revenge-Immortal be sure to check them out if you enjoy Erotic Romance with a healthy dose of Science Fiction/Fantasy thrown in you'll love them. Both books are a space adventure into another world and another dimension, Book Three is the penning stage now. To keep you reading in the mean time check out my previous works, their blurbs, excerpts and reviews
Look forward to your visits and on my blog at - please note there is no "." after the 3 www.
Sultry Summers
I enjoy few activities more than writing among those are gardening, riding my bicycle, sewing, (cross-stitching) and on ocassion, painting. I love to hike, especially since we've moved to the mountains. Berry picking in season has also become a favorite activity - my daughter makes jam. Yummy!


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