Sydney Ledger

Sydney Ledger


I'm an aspiring author (born 8th March 1993) who lives in the lovely twin island of Trinidad (& Tobago) with my husband, Marlon, and daughter, Riley.

I grew up having a strong passion for writing, film production and graphic arts at a very young age. I continue to pursue my dreams of entering the film industry.

I successfully completed Secondary School in 2011, shortly before finding out that I was pregnant with my daughter. I have since then completed several short courses in both Graphic Design and Film Production, with hopes of furthering my studies at a tertiary level.

In 2016, I decided to become a full-time writer with the support of my husband, family and friends. Trading in the 'corporate world' for a laptop, Indie music and a home office, I have since then spent my days trying to complete my stories, as well as some freelance graphic designing jobs.

I create my own book covers and continuously try to improve my writing skills as any aspiring writer should.

I have an 8-part vampire series in the works, as well as a suspense thriller novel and the 3-part 'In The Spur of Heath' novels, so I'm quite busy bringing those stories to life.

Italian food, Indie & Chillstep music, good humor, graphic arts, writing, swimming, film production, socializing and spending time with family.


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