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Tara Lain


I have a passion for passion. I write books for people who like their romance hot, their heroes beautiful and their perspectives wide. For many years as a successful article writer, people told me I should write a book, but it was only when I found erotic romance that I finally had something so fun and engaging that I felt like It could write itself. I'm fortunate to have a well-traveled life and expansive work, and I use those experiences to create interesting characters--scientists, actors, midwives, models, carpenters, dancers, reporters. I love them all. I hope you will too.
Of course, i love to write, but that's a fun profession. I also love to paint and collage and post some of my artwork on my website and blog. I've started doing yoga way before it was fashionable and i have my own Pilates reformer.I love movies so much, i have a sometime movie blog. : )


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