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I've been writing personally, semi-professionally and professionally for over 35 years...and although I have published a few short stories for professional storytellers, and some other non-fiction items--in late 2010, I published my first novel, Regency romance entitled, A Very Merry Chase.

Why did it take me thirty five years to publish my first full length novel? That my friends is a story in and of itself; but basically it sums up as...I wasted a lot of years allowing life's realities to get in the way of making dreams come true.

By day, I work full time as the HR Director for a large non-profit, so my writing is limited to evenings and weekends. Fortunately, the kids are grown now, so I can pretty much call my nights and weekends my own.
Reading almost anything you put in front of me, writing fantasy and semi-historically based novels and short stories, women's history, historical research, historic architecture, archaeology, anthropology, cultural philosophy, myth and folklore, and just learning new things in general.


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